Adam T. from Los Angeles, CA

May 1, 2004
Hacienda Reuninon

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I really got a lot out of

I really got a lot out of listening to this! I replayed several parts, and I know I'll listen to it again. It was right up there with some of my old favorites (my all time fav being Bob Earll, whom Adam mentions during his talk). Thanks for sharing this!

Marlene E., Fair Oaks, CA

I saw this guy live

I saw this guy live recently. Very strong pitch, has something useful regardless of where you are in your own sobriety.

Awesome story and a fabulous

Awesome story and a fabulous speaker. I can't believe everyone didn't give him 5-stars. His closing is awesome - he puts everything into perspective.
Mike R - Macomb, MI

Best speaker I have ever

Best speaker I have ever heard. Wow. Awesome.

Great delivery, good stories

Great delivery, good stories and examples to illustrate his points, and a very engaging style. I'm sure he's a treat in person, because you can feel the interaction with the audience working for him. There's a lot to be learned here -- it would be great to hear more from Adam...!
Glenn M. - Maritime Canada

This is one of the best AA

This is one of the best AA speakers of all time. A "must-download!"

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