Charlie P. from Maysville, AR


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My Sponsor I have today is

My Sponsor I have today is definenately a God sent - she gave me a set of Joe and Charlie's CD on the Big Book. I was hooked! (hooked on something that's good for me. I am so grateful to this site and to be able to hear Charlie's story.

Terry K. Morehead City, NC

I started listening to Joe

I started listening to Joe and Charlie in my early days in AA, and now nearly 18 years later and nearly 18 years sober I still do. I had the privilege of meeting Joe and Charlie when I was six months sober at a Big Book study weekend in Scarborough, Yorkshire in the UK. The straight forward and entertaining manner that Charlie describes his recovery have definitely inspired me too.

David K (England)

I so much enjoyed listening

I so much enjoyed listening to Charlie share his Experience, Strength and Hope on this amazing program. I was told when I came into the Program 18 months ago to listen to what the people with long term sobriety are saying and maybe I'll learn something and Charlie is an inspiration on how this Program works if you work it. I was told to stick with the winners so I,m going to listen to this tape again and again. I want what Charlie has and I'm willing to go to any lengths to get it. Thanks so much for sharing Charlie. My name is Ralph and I am an alcoholic.

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