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I am looking for volume one

I am looking for volume one of the best of Clancy for an aa group in lake orion mi. the tell me that the one on internet not the same

I heard Clancy at the MARR

I heard Clancy at the MARR annual banquet in Atlanta Saturday night. His transparency and honesty made it possible to see myself in his story. His description of life being "gray" and the restlessness inside was so insightful. He also gave the best description of the issue (alcoholism) I have ever heard. Anyone with any addiction would get what he was saying. The most powerful quote I took away was when he said, "Your problem is not drinking. It is that drinking is your answer." Blew me away. I also appreciated his bluntness about his massive struggle with a "higher power" and how he came to experience both his need and his faith. There were no fairy tales in his message, but a lot of truth and hope.
Don M
Atlanta allow no allow no criticism of your higher power......CLANCY!!



Clancy's tapes have helped

Clancy's tapes have helped me ton's in my recovery......This one specifically.....he spoke to something I knew deep inside of me.....ALCOHOL is NOT MY PROBLEM!!!! I can hear Clancy.....thank you for sharing with us.


I am excited to know that

I am excited to know that Clancy will be the keynote speaker in Memphis at the Bluff City Convention 2009. This takes place the third weekend in October for those who may want to see him in person. I have listened to him on tape, as well as seen his video productions, and he is awesome.

Wonderful speaker, I am

Wonderful speaker,
I am only 30 days sober, but am very blessed to have seen Clancy at Keerville Tx. in Aug, 09.
Thank our higher power for the speakers he sends. David, San Antonio Tx,

the first time i heard this

the first time i heard this talk was the first day of my recovery after attending meetings for almost two years .Thank you clancy my case was different

Here is Disease of

Here is Disease of Perception

Clancy has been one of my

Clancy has been one of my favorite speakers in the 35 years I have been listening to AA tapes and attending speaker meetings/conferences. He is both knowledgable and entertaining in his delivery and a must hear for those in recovery. He speaks to the disease of alcoholism in a personal fashion drawing almost without fail from his depth of 50 years of sobriety and experience in the AA Program and no other speaking today has made a more unselfish and significant contribution to helping others recover than Clancy.
I recently had the privledge of being with Clancy at the 14th Annual AA Conference - Thailand. While I had the experience of hearing him on tape for many years and listening to him as a keynote speaker at conferences this was the 1st occassion of exposure to Clancey the man and AA Member. He is a standup guy that when you blow by all the outward bluster is an extrememly caring and warm individual. He sponsor's many, is a beacon of a life beyond drinking for many and has set an almost impossible example to follow in respect to his commitment to helping others and working "The Program". God Bless you, Clancy----JKG Hendersonville & Collierville, Tn and Port Orange, Fla

The distinction between a

The distinction between a problem of "alcohol" or "alcoholism" .... hugely important!

Simply amazing!

Simply amazing!

Best description of

Best description of alcoholism I have ever heard!

Seems to have little

Seems to have little self-knowledge, but has great stories. Is literate, intelligent, funny, and insightful. Helped me a lot!

When I have been in need of

When I have been in need of a fellow member, late into the night, Clancy, a man I have never met, has truly inspired me, reminded me and reminded me how bloody serious we can be about ourselves. Thank you Clancy.
Denise, London



Clancy put my understanding

Clancy put my understanding of my disease into a whole new dimension. Fantastic

Rick C

Clancy is perhaps the best

Clancy is perhaps the best AA speaker that I have listened to. His knowledge and delivery are down to earth and informative, and is always based on his own experiences as an alcoholic. I was at the crossroads when I first saw and heard Clancy speak at the Pockets Of Enthusiasm conference at Virginia Beach in 2005. As a result, I have been in recovery instead of just not drinking and attending meetings.

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